vgc previewWhy? As a passionate gamer, i often lose track of all the games i have completed. To ensure this won’t happen in the future i have come up with a website that keeps track of all my competed games. See it as a personal virtual check-list. Although just a list of games would be boring so i added a social element that gives a competition completing games with other gamers. VGC VideoGameCompleter will not only provide a simple to use online check-list but a lot more awesome features. To show these features i created a small list of the main elements VGC will provide:

  • Keep track of the games you have completed
  • Compete with friends and other gamers over the whole world
  • Discover new games to play that you have never heard of
  • Have a look at the game first before playing with the help of video’s and screenshots
  • Make new friends
  • Join a discussion
  • Earn awards

Sneak peak (work in progress)

Date: 10-11-2013

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