Jaludo is a Dutch company that publishes online gaming portals and online games. With a worldwide reach of over 35 million unique online gamers each month and with a solid growth Jaludo is one of the larger gaming networks in the world. They run 70 portals in over 28 countries worldwide. With portals in Europe, North and South America and Asia they cover a fair piece of the casual gaming industry. Casual gaming is online gaming for a large audience with an easy gameplay and simple rules. Their portals contain thousands of these games which are carefully selected.

The Project
The project i have worked on was called: ‘Player Evolution’. This project is an extension for the new Exploders game. My task was to ensure new players learn how to play the game Exploders, stimulate them to register themselves as a user and then encourage the user to keep coming back by coming up with new game features.

My Role
During this graduation project, i have worked as a Game Designer. My task was to write game design documentation and provide wire frame visuals to enhance the information. These documents and wireframes can now be used by graphic designers and programmers to develop tutorials and new game features.

Date: 06-02-2013

Client: Jaludo

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