In today’s society, pictures and video’s of models are being extremely edited which creates an unrealistic image of the ideal woman. Young people are highly influenced by this and create a fantasy of how the world actually looks like. In ‘Make-up your mind’ we see how a young student becomes entangled in an obsession to look perfect and slowly loses control of her body.

My Role
As the director of the movie my task was to tell a short, exiting and compelling story. I focussed on writing the script, gathering crew and cast, motivating and leading them, planning, arranging locations and props. During the Post-production i was mainly responsible for editing the movie, syncing audio and recording foley sounds.

A Team
During the timespan of five months, i have teamed up with the talented young cinematographer Twan Peeters to create a product of which we both can be proud of. Together we bundled our strengths to make a professional looking short movie from nothing.

The Story
Vivian is a young psychology student and works alongside her studies in a clothing store. During her childhood she has been through many rough arguments between her parents. Her mother was belittled for years by her father. Because of these memories she unconsciously starts creating an obsession for her appearance. She wants to be as perfect as the mannequins at work. Her obsession gets out of control and Vivian loses her view on reality. Does she manages to get her disorder under control?

View the movie
The movie premiered 2nd of February 2013 in the Focus filmhuis Arnhem.
After that it has been released on DVD with a soundtrack CD in a high quality Digipack which is available at

Film stills
muym_screen01 muym_screen02 muym_screen04 muym_screen05 muym_screen06 muym_screen08 muym_screen10

More info:
Awards: ‘Digital Media Production Award for Best Product, Creative Concept and Overall Achievement’

Date: 01-09-2012

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