The project
Kadaster manages a lot of data, of which several separate information products are made. Customers for these products need further integration (for example, a kadastraal object message with added information from the BAG, LV WOZ and Ruimtelijke Plannen). This need has been tested in a number of customer sessions. In addition, the design of the existing products is a result from the 1980s and no longer up-to-date. Customers have the need to compile the information they need themselves. This requires a technically working prototype of an integrated object message that starts with creating a user-friendly design.

Together with a Lead Designer of Keen Design i did a 5-3-1 project. I created 5 different concepts with the help of input. These were discussed in a session with the stakeholders of Kadaster. After this session i refined the 5 concepts to 3. These were discussed again during a second session and the final concept was presented in a final session. To start creating the first 5 concepts, i conducted a number of interviews with stakeholders within Kadaster and with buyers of the Kadaster products. I created an interactive prototype for each platform so that these prototypes could be handover to their development team.

Date: Nov 2015 – Mar 2016

Client: Kadaster

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