The concept, by Alex van Binsbergen
A stealth/strategic platform game where the use of light, shadows and sound plays a huge part. The objective of the game is to regain your honour, which can be achieved by scaring the people you run into. The fact that your avatar is not intimidating at all makes this an interesting concept. You will have to use the environment to help you to achieve this goal.

My Role
During the project phase of the semester GAME, I took the role as the Level-lead. My responsibility was to produce the level of Darkflame and lead the level team consisting of 15 students. While motivating my own team and working closely together with other groups, like art and programming, our total team of 45 students finished a complete, playable beta version of Darkflame the game. A wonderful experience to work together with so many people.

Darkflame the game was showcased at INDIGO Games 2011.

What is INDIGO:
INDIGO is a playable exhibition, organized by Dutch Game Garden. They show the best games in the past year that are made by talented Dutch game designers. This allows the public to the raw creativity of developers homegrown. For the makers themselves does participation in INDIGO moreover valuable attention and contacts. INDIGO is absolutely FREE to visit.

Date: 01-12-2010

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