Suki v1.0

An eleven year old girl named Suki lives peacefully with her strict and faithful parents Yuurei (father) and Okiku (mother) in Tokyo, Japan. She has an eight year old brother named Daitaro. Suki and Daitaro grew up together like the perfect brother and sister. Until the day they were playing in the tree house in the backyard.

They were happily playing tag. Suki tapped Daitaro too hard by accident which made him lose his balance and fell from the tree. He broke his neck and died instantly. Suki climbed out of the cabin and cried out in grief. The parents came running out to see what had happened. They saw Suki weeping over the body of Daitaro. Crying, the parents asked: “What happened?”. Suki explained the whole story and said that it was all an accident. Her parents didn’t believe any of it and thought wholly that Suki was possessed by demons. They grabbed Suki’s hair and dragged her over the ground inside. Suki cried out in pain and sorrow. Her nails scraped across the floor and she could just barely catch her favourite toy, a plush Chtulhu. They threw her in the basement where she was chained to the floor. The parents covered the door with a seal demons can’t go through. Or so they thought…

Suki got some food every day, but it was mainly the leftovers from dinner. It didn’t take long before Suki became completely crazy and outraged. In the time she was chained to the floor in the dark basement, she developed demonic and psychic powers. After one year they became so advanced that she had the ability to leave her body to take revenge on her parents…

Game Concept
The story about Suki is the intro for a game concept which i made during the semester GAME. Our task was to come up with a game concept in the timespan of a few weeks. The best concepts were picked out to be developped to a real working demo. See Darkflame for more info.

Document: Gameplay document for the game Amanojaku’

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